We INCREASE YOUR PROFITS BY AT LEAST 15% In LESS Than 12 Months Or We Manage For Free Until We Do. Period.

Sound To Good To Be True?

We have three recent CASE STUDIES (seen below) with a Marriott, Hilton and luxury boutique brand where our management team increased asset values for EACH ONE by $15 MILLION to $17 MILLION!

We WILL Do The Same For You


  • CREATE ADDITIONAL REVENUE LEVERS:We will IMMEDIATELY uncover various hidden income streams within the hotel that can be created for little to NO additional dollars but have a significant effect to cashflow.
  • ENHANCED STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS: Within a 2-5 mile radius you have MASSIVE opportunities to create strategic partnerships you have never even thought of that will drive NEW F&B and Room Revenue. We will turn area businesses into your BEST SALES OUTLETS, creating additional brand awareness and income generation . THIS ALONE will add 10+% to the bottom line in 180 days or less.
  • TAPPING THE MASSIVE BUSINESS/FITNESS "COACHING BOOT CAMPS" AND SEMINAR BUSINESS:Vegas, Orlando, Miami and other major cities dominant the highly profitable "self improvement", "business improvement" and "Coaching" seminar events. No more! With COVID and travel restrictions behind us and these events flourishing again, we have the contacts and relationships to bring THIS BUSINESS TO YOU. Small or large events, there are HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to be tapped and we will help tap that for you!
  • ​A DRIVEN FOCUS ON THE METRICS: We will pursue a relentless, well thought out plan that will allow us to overachieve NOI, GOP and RGI benchmarks, with forecasting accuracy within 1-2%
  • EVENT CREATIONS: Why wait for events to come to you, WE WILL GO TO THEM as well as CREATE EVENTSON OUR OWN! We are laser focused on profitability and selling out the hotel day in and day out and constant events are a MUST. We will look to create at least ONE "must attend" event each and every month with local and regional business tie-ins, driving traffic you never had before.Brewfests. Wine tastings. Chef competitions. Michelin star quality cooking classes. BRIDAL BOOT CAMP PACKAGE (this will be an AWESOME income driver!). Etc. Etc. We will be relentless in the pursuit of an action packed, revenue generating asset month in and month out.
  • ENHANCED STAFF PLANNING FOR MAXIMUM PROFITS: Our management team has overseen 1,600 hotels at one time, including The Fairmont, JW Marriott, Park Hyatt and Hilton brands to name a few. We have staffing down to a science to ensure MAXIMUM profitability without deterring from guest satisfaction which means more cash in your pocket.
  • ​SOCIAL MEDIA AND INFLUENCER MARKETING ON A GLOBAL SCALE: Look, I am sure you have a Facebook page and Instagram account but how is that working out for you? We will cross promote and with some of the top Vloggers, Bloggers and influencers as they relate to your clientele, creating significant branding, traffic and events that will entail an entirely new income stream(s)

Sample Of Brands We Created Value Increases of $5MM to $15+ MILLION or More



Picture below is just a sample and NOT representive of the actual asset due to confidentialty agreement. However, we will gladly disclose these deals as part of our process of interviewing you as a potential client

  • A 274-room Marriott convention hotel with 30,000 sq ft of meeting space at time of acquisition was in brand default, required renovations and profit margins were well below industry standards
  • Our team managed the full renovation of the hotel which included a repositioning plan, improving sales and marketing, redeploying all departments and implementing cost controls and profit improvement
  • ​TOTAL REVENUE Improved By - $2.5 MILLION



Picture below is just a sample and NOT representive of the actual asset due to confidentialty agreement. However, we will gladly disclose these deals as part of our process of interviewing you as a potential client

  • A 287-room HILTON resort hotel located in a prime destination market. The hotel was underperforming on all metrics, failing to comply with brand standards and at risk of being de-flagged. The operating margins were below industry standard and the hotel was losing market share.
  • We capitalized on our brand relationship and leveraged the partnership to improve the overall condition of the asset with a minor capital investment. We identified an opportunity to implement a resort fee which generated over $1M incremental revenue. An entire restructuring of the payroll and labor standards improved the profit of this hotel. In addition we VASTLY increased market share and OVERALL revenue through a re-mix of business and a focused revenue management strategy
  • ​TOTAL REVENUE Improved By - $1.4 MILLION

We ONLY Profit When YOU Profit

If we accept you as a client, we structure a pre-negotiated management fee (typically 3%) and will work to
INCREASE PROFITS BY 15% in LESS than 12 months.  If we don't.... we work at NO CHARGE until we do! Period.

Where we make OUR money is EXCEEDING that 15%, because anything above 15% we split 67-33 (67% to you), and this incentivizes us IMMENSELY to put a plan in place DAY ONE that will CRUSH PROJECTIONS over the next 3-5 years with a targeted increase in overall profits by at LEAST 50%! Again, we ONLY make money once YOU are making money




Managing Partner of newly formed Elevated Hotel Group, Alan brings over 25 years of hospitality operations, development and asset management experience to LH. Responsibilities at Elevated will include new business development, strategy and execution. Alans VAST experience includes various Senior Executive and C level positions in Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and North America in operations, sales & marketing, and revenue management with Hilton Hotels Worldwide, InterContinental Hotels Group, Turnberry Associates and most recently as COO of Westmont Hospitality Group, a top global hotel management company with 1,600+ hotels. In recent role, Mr. Dourado was responsible for over $800 Million in revenues and through his leadership improved NOI margins from 20% to 30%,while over a 5-year period increased the valuation of the portfolio by more than $120 Million. Mr. Dourado holds a degree in Hospitality Management at Les Roches Crans-Montana Global Hospitality School in Switzerland.

Kerry Ann Kotani

Is COO of Elevated Hotel Group and responsible for all aspects of business development, marketing, sales and revenue generation. With more than 25 years of hospitality experience, an expert in all levels of hotel sales & marketing. Experience includes Senior Executive Positions with a leading global hotel management company, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts and Westin and Sheraton Hotels, overseeing multiple properties worldwide and managing owner relations.

Ms. Kotani was responsible for the development and execution of a $150 Million strategic capital plan to successfully renovate a 1300 room landmark hotel. During her time with Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Ms. Kotani was responsible for annual revenues in excess of $300 Million. In addition to holding positions on numerous Tourism boards both Provincial and Federal, sales & marketing advisory board seats with major hotel brands she has extensive knowledge and experience working with both B2B and B2C entities worldwide. Ms. Kotani studied her Bachelor of Arts degree at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada

Capital Markets

GenX Capital Partners heads up our capital markets division and as an equity partner in Elevated Hotel Group, provides financing for not only our OWN acquisitions but for that of our clients as well. With more than $800 MILLION in closed deals under their belt in the last several years, we have the ability to acquire assets you may be looking to sell or we can step in with our vast financial resources and provide the debt and equity you may need to expand your holdings or recap your current capital stack. We truly are a one-stop-shop.


150 Room 5 Star LUXURY Hotel (Major US MSA)

Picture below is just a sample and NOT representive of the actual asset due to confidentialty agreement. However, we will gladly disclose these deals as part of our process of interviewing you as a potential client

  • Our management team acquired a 150-room luxury boutique hotel in a primary city within the USA. The hotel at time of acquisition was branded with a major flag and underperforming on all metrics.
  • Given the high demand in this market we identified that a major brand affiliation and the fees associated was not necessary, eliminating this allowed flexibility in pricing, marketing and operations while benefiting from significant savings on brand fees. We identified a reputable “soft-brand” to partner with the hotel and this allowed the asset to still have operating standards, access to global distribution and sales support. Through our cost management, establishing labor standards, renegotiating contracts and implementing a hands-on approach to rate and inventory management we successfully improved all metrics of this hotel increasing the asset value by $17 MILLION!

We MAKE YOU MONEYand We PROTECT YOUR MONEYWhile Elevating Sales and Guest Satisfaction To A Level You Have Never Experienced Before

Operations Expertise
And Management

Off The Charts Revenue Generation !

  • Detailed investor and owner reporting
  • ​Forecasting and Budgeting accuracy within 1-2%
  • ​Detailed cashflow management
  • ​Property tax management
  • ​Implement and montior internal control procedures
  • Real-time, 24-7 hands-on approach to inventory management to ensure proper pricing. 
  • ​Create MORE organic reservations with a far less reliance on high commission, 3rd party platforms
  • ​Labor cost management; this is where we have saved hotels HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars in wastage and our expertise here will have an immediate impact to the bottom line.
  • ​Detailed staffing control and quality hiring practices
  • ​Property management oversight as owners rep
  • ​Due to our EXTENSIVE relationships on a global scale with seasoned GM's, assistant GM's, COO's, Sales staff, etc. always looking for opportunities with our firm, we are able to bring a HIGH QUALITY, HIGHLY EXPERIENCED, Franchise Certified infrastructure that will allow us to meet and exceed our management and sales objectives.  Just look at the sample case studies.  You're next!
  • CREATE NEW EVENTS unique to the hotel, on a monthly and annual basis! 
  • ​Aggressive marketing and outreach to top local and regional speakers, business and fitness coaches, seminar promoters, etc., to capture their weekly, monthly and annual conferences and boot camps. HUGE revenue generator, and untapped by many hotels!
  • ​Strategic marketing alliances with area businesses that not only promote branding, but generate a significant increase in "foot traffic" to your F&B and Occupancy bottom lines
  • Generate an additional SEVEN FIGURES in annual Room and F&B revenue with weekly and monthly business "pop ups" in under-utilized conference and common area space.  Fashion, tech, local restaurant chef show case, wine and beer brands....fill 52 weeks a year with pop ups in under-utilized space and create massive revenue and foot traffic increases


We are seeking 3-5 star hotels in NEED of a financial and marketing makeover (or looking to SELL), and who are LASER FOCUSED on increasing profitability by AT LEAST 40-50%over the next 5 years. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense for either one of us. If the above sounds like you, we move to the following;

  • Call or email us to set up an interview and see if we are a fit for each other.  You grill us as much as we grill you! 
  • If there is initial interest from both sides, we will come back with a detailed analysis on how we can elevate your hotel's profitability to a level you have never experienced before
  • ​Once we come on board it is up to us to deliver
  • ​We don't share in any upside until you hit that 15% PROFIT THRESHOLD. 

Looking To Sell Your Hotel? We may have interest

  • Seeking out assets with value add upside and minimum in place gross revenues of $2MM
  • 3+ Star to Luxury Brands considered
  • For acquisitions will look at all markets, but Eastern U.S., Texas, Caribbean and Europe strongly considered. For management deals we work worldwide.
  • ​Prefer deal sizes of $8MM MINIMUM preferrably over
    $20 million and 100 rooms. But will look at smaller deals on a case by case basis.
  • LEAVE MESSAGE AT 305-749-5511
  • ​